Lasik Eye Surgery

"I was afraid of the laser surgery, but I had an amazing experience: everybody knows their job, the service is excellent, kind and humane, all in a well-coordinated environment. I am grateful to all the team for helping me get rid of my glasses for the rest of my life."

Lasik Eye Surgery

"I also was satisfied with the examinations and the treatment. The nurses and the doctors were very kind and helpful. The surgery was short and completely painless. Every question was answered. I will recommend!"

Lasik Eye Surgery

"I was satisfied with everything. The medical and the administrative team are really kind and helpful. The atmosphere is friendly and this is calming. I will recommend the Saint James Eye Clinic to everyone! Thank you, girls and boys!"

Lasik Eye Surgery

"The service was excellent with a professional team. Everybody is kind and friendly, and the doctor absolutely fulfilled my expectations regarding the treatment and the follow ups. I am absolutely satisfied, I got what I expected. Thank you very much!"

Lasik Eye Surgery

"All doctors and nurses were kind and smiling. I was really worried before the surgery, but for now I realized that there is not a reason to worry about anything. The surgery was absolutely painless. The feeling when you wake up and you can read the exact time from the clock without glasses is fantastic!"

Dianne Pinder, Nottingham, UK
February 2018

"Hi Dr. Randy Thank you for everything from airport pick up to drop off I was very impressed. The apartment and hospital were spotlessly clean and all the staff were so kind yourself and the surgeon I could not fault. I would thoroughly recommend Medi Tours Hungary to anyone Dianne P."

Hammy S., UK
October 2017

"Medi Tours Hungary were excellent in organizing my dental treatment. They chose a great dental practice and the work done my teeth was superb! All went smoothly and the dental cost was extremely affordable, and the work done was professionally carried out - 5 stars for the experience! "

Linda S., UK
Tummy tuck + Liposuction
October 2017

"I am so glad I chose Medi Tours Hungary for my treatment. Everything is taken care of for you. I had the best surgeon I could have wished for, and I'm more than happy with the results"

Lorraine M., Brighton, England
Tummy Tuck, Thigh lift, Upper Arm lift - Dr. Sz
December 2015

"I am absolutely thrilled with the work Dr. Sz has done with me. From the moment I landed in Budapest, to my return to the airport, I have felt completely confident in the hands of experienced top class doctors and care."

Johanna C., Spain
Profractional Laser, MLP - Dr. D
November 2015

"Hi Meditours,
Everything was great. Thank you so much for arranging my skin treatments. I'm amazed at how nice my complexion is now that all the old skin has flaked off; I'm delighted with the result! Please pass on my thanks to Dr. D and his assistants for doing such a good job!"

Lee C., Whales, England
Tummy Tuck, Liposuction - Dr. T. K
August 2015

"I would highly recommend Meditours Hungary and their surgeons as they were honest, reliable and gave me a fixed fee with no hidden costs. Also I was happy and welcomed by the Hungarian people."

Ivan W.,
Rhinoplasty (nose correction)
June 2015

"I have been very looked after, lifted and laid you might say. Surgery, very smooth. All involved were most professional. No fuss, no bother."

Jenny A., England
Facelift - Dr. I. Sz
July 2015

"I am a returning visitor/patient and as before have found the whole procedure easy and comfortable. Anyone contemplating surgery with Meditours should be assured that they will not be disappointed"

Harry K., England
Rhinoplasty (nose correction) - Dr. T. K
June 2015

"Hey Meditours! I'm all healed from my rhinoplasty so I just wanted to say I love my nose!! It's changed everything and I am very grateful to you and the ..."


Azita T., England
Breast Reduction, Tummy Liposuction - Dr. I. Sz
April 2015

"I am glad that I have chosen your services and Dr. I. Sz. Simply because it was wonderful, brilliant, fantastic. All I was hoping for was done for me with the best quality and I would definitely support your great work to my friends. Keep up the amazing service Thank you Meditours Hungary."

Lene K. / Lissen E., Denmark
SMAS Facelift / Dentistry - Dr Sz. / Dr. A.
April 2015

"Hi Meditours Hungary,
Just thought we would say thank you for a nice stay in Budapest. We felt very safe all the way and felt you were with us every step. That meant a lot to us. We also felt that we were treated professionally by the clinics and even Lene starts looking like a better copy of herself. The apartment was great and also the service at your office so all in all we shall use your services again if needed and we would also recommend you to others.
Many greetings from Lene and Lissen."

Ligia A., Norway
Laser skin rejuvenation – BBL + Profractional
March 2015

"I felt at ease as soon as I made my appointment on the phone with Meditours. Emails were sent with all info I needed, I didn't need to worry about anything. I was picked up by the driver who spoke English well (important 4 me). All the staff of Meditours were very helpful with transport, apartment and they did the best for a I had a good stay in Budapest. I don't normally take time to write reviews unless the service is really bad or really good. In this case it was very good. I highly recommend Dr. GG he was very professional, decisive and extremely patient with me. The staff at the clinic, they were super super friendly and gentle, and the clinic high standards!!! So for me this was the first time using this company and I can't say enough. What I say I'm happy already with the results and I will be back in May :) I just don't want to forget to mention that my treatment was BBL Laser and Profractional Laser. I will finish now and I hope my experience will help you :) Thank you Meditours."

Helen H., England
Dentistry – Crowns + Veneers
February 2015

"This is the second time that I have had treatment through Meditours and, once again, the treatment and services that I received were second to none. I have recommended Meditours to my friends and family members back in the UK who have also come out to have excellent results through Meditours – keep up the good work!"

Bente L., Norway
Facelift - Dr. K
January 2015

"Dear Meditours and dr K
I want you to know that I every morning,when I look in the mirror, I send you a grateful thought because of the positive effects from the surgery you performed on me, and the good aftercare I received. I am going through some tough challenges in the form of legal personal processes this fall, and naturally this implies major lack of sleep over a period of time. But thanks to you, I still look ok, and that fact, helps me to face the world every morning, and work constructively. Thank you so much."

Andrea E., England
Dentistry, Plastic surgery & Portrait Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

"So I came home with fantastic new teeth, new scar revision scars,new skin and far too many new clothes, shoes and handbags! Can't wait to go back."

Rita & Charleen, England

"It was the very best possible choice for both of us. Dr Simor was there from the very start to the very end. Everything was made very easy for us, from getting picked up at the airport. The hotel booking to the taxis arriving right on time for pre. medical examinations, Dr Simor was with us should we need anything. I never expected to be looked after in such a caring professional way. Dr Simor was just a phone call away at all times, though he took such a personal interest in our care he covered everything we really had no worries or problems."

Richard B., England
Hernia Repair

"I can honestly the service i received from both You and the clinic in Hungary was fantastic."

Lorraine H., England

"After checking several alternatives around the world, including Poland, South Africa and U.K., I decided to contact Dr Randy Simor.... From the start Randy was most efficient at answering all my queries by email and once I was satisfied with the replies given to my questions, I decided to have my surgery in Budapest."

Lisa M., England

"I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Budapest. I have already past my recommendations on to some friends & I myself would not hesitate to return should I wish to have any further surgeries."

Joanne L., England
Breast Lift & Reduction - Dr P.

"I have total faith in my surgeon and Randy - I highly recommend anyone to go to Hungary you will get a bug and go back again …. My warmest thanks to Dr. Randy Simor for giving excellent before and aftercare And Dr P. for giving me my confidence back and creating a pair of Breasts to die for."

Patricia H., England
Dental Implants - Dr. G.

"I am writing this letter on behalf of my wife who recently returned from Hungary having had dental treatment (12 implants) being carried out by Dr. G. We are both extremely pleased with the results."

Helga K., USA
Liposuction - Dr. K

"I am very thankful for Dr. K., my plastic surgeon, who touched me with his honesty and kindness. He is an excellent doctor who takes a lot of pride in his work. Needless to say, I am very pleased with the results of the procedure. Thank you."

Mary S., Ireland

"Your service was so good that I thought people in Ireland should know about it..."

Rebecca M., Ireland
Upper&Lower Eyelids

"I am so glad I had the procedure and to add to the experience I totally enjoyed Budapest as it is a magnificent city. I will go back one day as there was so much to see and do in this Beautiful city..."

Jan., England
Upper Eyelids

"I love my eyes now ...! where before I hated them,I had skin that sat on my eyelashes especially when I was tired. I look so awake now."

Sarah T., England
Breast Lift

"I would certainly recommend Meditours services in Budapest to anyone considering surgery. The quality of surgery, co-ordination of care was excellent. Special thanks to Dr. P. for the excellent surgery and Dr. Randy Simor for organizing everything and making it possible."

Tanya W., England
Upper/Lower Eyelids

"If anyone is interested or needs some reassurance, I have recently returned from Budapest having had Upper and Lower eyelid surgery and am overjoyed at the result."

Lorraine M., Scotland
Tummy Tuck & Liposuction

"The care I received was excellent, as a very senior NHS nurse, I had set very high standards as to what I expected from not only the cosmetic surgery but the before and after care, I was not disappointed with any part of my care while home here in Glasgow and during my stay in Budapest. I felt important and that you cared as much about my results as I did, at no point did I feel like just another patient."

Tara P., England
Tummy Tuck

"I am 110% delighted I chose Budapest, thrilled with the results, amazed at their skills out there and impressed by the support you get from Dr Randy Simor and team."

Lucia A., Italy
Face Lift, Flank lift & Liposuction - Dr. K

"I didn't think a doctor like Dr. K could exist! After so many negative experiences around the world, I thank God for letting me meet her. She has changed my life and I bless her forever. I would recommend her to anyone for her professionality and skills, together with her sense of harmony and artistic feel. I hope she will come to Italy to operate here and make a lot of Italian women happy too."

Angela D., England
Breast Augmentation & Tooth Whitening

"My experience turned out to be very good, but could not have done it without my partner being with me as he looked after me after the operation. My doctor was also very nice and spoke English. The dentist was very professional. Very pleased with the results. Good prices."

Deena K., England
Face Lift & Fat Fillers - Dr. K

"I am really pleased with my face and stomach. I had major surgery and am lucky to heal fast. I was back in work four weeks after surgery...Please tell Dr K that the results of his handiwork and skill as a surgeon are etched on my face and the results are “STUNNING”, to use the words of one of my oldest friends."

Linda P., England
Face & Neck Lift - Dr. K

"My face and neck lift is 'FAB', and I will definitely be coming again to get my eyes done...Dr K – well he is something else! He is totally approachable, so very kind, and gorgeous too!"

Pamela S., England
Tummy tuck, Breast Augmentation & Liposuction

"Overall everything was great. The hostess was brilliant – very friendly and approachable. Very happy with the surgeon and the results of the surgery. Would definitely recommend Budapest to anyone."

Joanne O., England
Titan Skin Treatment & Lipomassage

"I had Titan treatment and Lipomassage (Endermologie). The doctor was charming and very considerate as the Titan treatment is very painful. I would recommend this treatment to anyone as I do feel it has made a big difference to my appearance. The Endermologie treatment is fantastic. The beautician who treated me was very sweet and the results are great.
Thank you!"

Rita H., England

"I have no hesitation in recommending Budapest for surgery, you will be treated very well by everyone there. Randy and his team are only too willing to pander to your every whim and the clinic is clean, efficient and - most of all - friendly."

Jason K., Ireland
Chin Implant - Dr. K

"I was very happy the way my surgery went, and actually got a better result than I expected . Great staff all round. Thank you Dr K for a great job."

Lisa D., England
Upper Eyelids & Dentistry

"I was very pleased with my treatments in Hungary. The staff were all very helpful and pleasant. The consultation was very good."

Sam A., England
Injectable Implants & Dentistry

"I found the experience to be better than I expected. I was delighted with the professionalism of the service and the attentiveness of the staff - they really can't do enough to help - Thank you Meditours and staff."

Ruth D., Wales
Smart Liposuction

"I was very impressed with everything . The surgeon was kind and reassuring and explained everything really well at the consultation. The nurses were kind and caring and the hospital was spotlessly clean. The apartment was comfortable and had everything I needed and was very central. Overall I would thoroughly recommend surgery in Budapest, and I will definitely come back. I had surgery with BUPA a while back and paid through the nose – this was a much better experience!"

Joy A., England
Face Lift & Breast Lift

"The prices are great, but more importantly the surgeons and Dr Simor, and the Hungary medical team are all brilliant at their jobs - and they are the best! Nothing is too much trouble for any of them. They all go the extra mile!!"

Liz M., England
Tummy Tuck & Liposuction

"I have had 2 cosmetic procedures in the UK and have never experienced such good service. Of course Dr. Simor and his team excelled themselves. Please keep up the first class service."

Sally S., England
Breast Lift, mini Tummy Tuck & Liposuction

"After a lot of thought I chose Budapest and am so glad that I did as I could not be more happy. I have been really well looked after and I'm extremely satisfied the outcome of the surgery. I would definitely come again."

Angela P., England
Face Lift & Lower Eyes

"I would recommend anyone to go to Budapest for cosmetic surgery...I can truthfully say you are very well cared for, Kati was with me from day 1 to the last day. Dr K was my surgeon, he has an excellent reputation."

Mandy M., England
Face Lift

"Dr. Simor and his team were wonderful, kind and patient, and made the whole experience as easy and comfortable as possible. Don't hesitate if you have been thinking about surgery, you will be in safe hands."

Teresa A., England
Face Lift

"I was so pleasantly surprised by the whole experience that I am already planning my next trip to Budapest for my next surgery. Dr. Simor and his team were wonderful!"

Eleanor M., Scotland
Upper Arm Lift & Thigh Lift

"I have just returned from Budapest and can honestly say the care you are given is excellent. From being met at the airport, going to the hospital for consults and surgery, where everyone was lovely and caring. Dr. Simor and team were great and nothing was too much trouble for them."

Nick K., England
Dental Treatment

"Excellent care and treatment...over and beyond what I expected."

Joan W., Surrey, England
ProFractional Laser Face Treatment

"Hi Dr.Randy - thank you so much for looking after me so well in Budapest. I enjoyed the trip and can't believe how well I am looking after the pro fractional laser face treatment. My brown age spots have nearly disappeared, and my face looks younger, brighter and fresher with no down time (apart from a few darker marks which lifted after 5 days - and could be covered with make up anyway).
The treatment itself was bearable, but occasionally a bit painful from the heat of the laser. However, it was all well worth it, and without being obvious (as with a face lift) I do look much, much better.
I was even propositioned in my hotel the day after the laser treatment - well! (I am very middle aged!!) Something must be working!
Many thanks for all your care and attention.
Joan from Surrey."

Dr Ryan James., USA
IntraLasik Eye Surgery

"In my opinion, everyone who ever wanted to be glasses or contact lens free should definitely consider this service. It is wonderful to be able to get up in the morning and not have to reach for glasses or wait until the contact lenses are in in order to see."

Lorraine H., England
Face, neck lift and upper eyelids

"On arrival I was picked up by taxi and taken to the apartment. Meditours was there to meet me and at this point they went through the schedule for the next day for the pre-surgical consultations and surgery. Thanks for making my experience stress free and very well co-ordinated."

Susan A., England
Porcelain Crowns - Dr. A.

"My smile looks great! I am extremely happy with my new look. A beautiful smile was always a dream that I thought unreasonable for me. For me it's a dream come true. Thank you Dr. A. for your determination, artistic talent, and professionalism. Meditours, your support was key to my progress and the friendly and familiar enrichment your staff helps create made me feel at home. I will always be eternally grateful for your gift of patience. I will highly recommend you to anyone."

Melanie J., Scotland
March 2011

"The service I received from the dentist was to the highest standard they went beyond the call of duty to ensure that I received the results that I was looking for, there prices were excellent and I was extremely pleased with the results and left beautiful Budapest with my beautiful new teeth."

Hubert B., Switzerland
Tooth Whitening, Dentistry, Botox

"I came to Budapest to have an implant crowned and to have 3 bridges and professional tooth whitening. I don't regret a single moment to have chosen this solution because. I was surrounded by such professional people such as the implantologist, dentist, dental hygienist and lab technician - who were all very skillful and explained to me all the details of my treatment in great English. I saved over 3,000 euro compared to what I would have paid in Switzerland... The cherry on the cake is that now I dare to open my mouth when smiling!! :)"

Monika B., Calgary, Canada
Breast Implants

"My experience in Hungary was great and worth every cent! I'm happy with my results and saved over 15,000 CAD/USD on my surgery including travel! The surgeon was very thorough, professional, experienced and had great bedside manner. I've checked into Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica and even the US and Hungary's standards were better than all that I saw. Thank you again!"

Jenny A., England
Tummy Tuck, Liposuction
September 2012

"The overall experience with Meditours has been an excellent one. They have put together an extremely good package, and affordable for a lot of people. They have a great team that takes care of you from start to finish, and for me, as a lady on my own, that has been invaluable. I cannot thank Dr. K enough for the excellent work he has carried out on me and how comfortable he made me feel throughout the process. I go home happy and many thanks to you all."

Elena, Ireland
Full Body Liposuction
September 2014

"Amazing team! Helpful and very professional. They took care of everything from the moment I landed to the time I left. They made sure I get from this surgery the expected results. I would totally recommend it to anyone!"

Tracey B., England
Tummy Tuck, Liposuction
October 2014

"Great service from the beginning til you return visit home. Staff & medical team very professional. I would recommend Meditours Hungary. My surgery went well and I was looked after every day of my stay – value for the money, lovely place."

Paula B., England
Tummy tuck, Profractional Laser rejuvenation and dental crowns
October 2014

"The end result exceeds my expectations. My treatment was extensive taking many hours and throughout I was treated considerately and informed during each stage. I am confident that if I needed further advice/treatment it would be offered promptly and with understanding. I am a very satisfied customer 10/10"

Veronyka B., England
Silhouette Lift

"You exceeded all my expectations. Not only in cost effectivness, but also by providing the highest standards of surgeons and medical care. I felt safe and looked after each step of the way."

M Professor, Ireland
Silhouette, Face & Neck Lift
Summer 2010

"I had sagging skin around my mouth and jaw line but did not want to undergo a more evasive procedure at 42. I also wished to minimise down-time. I was delighted with the results a few days later – my skin was much tighter. Now, over a year on, I am still very happy with the results. The best thing was that no one at work noticed that I had surgery – they commented that I must have lost weight over the summer & that I was looking very well. I really recommend this procedure."

Nicole M., USA
Face Lift

"I can't tell you how pleased I am with the outcome of my entire neck and jawline! They look tighter, refreshed and I look closer to what I used to look like in the past. I am really happy with all the effort you put in to make it right for me. I am no longer embarassed to pull my hair up exposing my neck and jawline. I'm really glad I put my face in your hands!. Thank you so much."

Ralf V., Germany
MACS Face Lift, HiFu skin rejuvenation

"I was very happy to find this treatment with Meditours. The doctors and nurses were all very friendly and professional and took good care of me. I saved over 50% compared to the prices in Germany. It's my second time back and I would recommend it to everyone. The apartment is very nice and in a very nice area close to all the touristic attractions."

Angela P., England
Facelift - Dr K

"I would recommend anyone to go to Budapest for cosmetic surgery. I can truthfully say you are very well cared for, Meditours was with me from day 1 to the last day. Dr K was my surgeon, he has an excellent reputatation."

Joy A., England
Face Lift

"The surgeon was brilliant and very professional as he wants to achieve a good result. Time is not an issue for him, so he does not rush, and you feel you are getting the best possible results. AAA***** would recommend him to anyone."

Susan A., England
Breast Implants, Brazilian Butt Lift
April 2012

"After my surgery, money was the less important factor. The service and friendliness that I received from Meditours Hungary was the highest standard. I want to thank Dr. Randy and all the staff for making my stay so pleasant. Thank you Susan."

Dean A., England
Man Boobs Reduction - Dr. Sz
July 2012

"My gynecomastia and liposuction surgery results look excellent and I look forward to showing my new body off. My hostess and surgeon, Dr. Sz, spoke very good English, explained everything and were very helpful Thank you Dean. A from England!"

Vera B., England
Upper/Lower Eyelid lift
July 2012

"I came over to Hungary with my daughter when I decided myself to have a full face lift and upper/lower eyelid lift. My experience of the treatment from all the staff were fantastic. I am so pleased with my surgery and how quickly I recovered at my age of 70 years. I would recommend this surgery for any age. Thank you Meditours."

Cliff H., England
Upper/Lower Eyelids + dentistry
December 2010

"Considering the extensive treatment I received, it was a most memorable and enjoyable 2 weeks in Hungary. Everybody involved was professional and sincerely nice people"

Maria P., England
Upper Eyelids

"I have had brilliant people here looking after my every need. Would not hesitate to come back. Lovely accommodation which helps a lot! Very easy and relaxing - a total pleasure."

Oana J., Romania
Hair Replacement

"From the initial inquiry to the moment we left home We could not find any fault with Meditours. The level of service, care and accommodation was excellent from start to finish. I would unreservedly recommend Meditours hair replacement treatment in Budapest...Thanks"

Mark, UK
Hair Replacement

"I would like to let you know just how professional the service was I received at your clinic. Really First Class! I was impressed with how hard Dr. Edina and her assistant worked on me for 2 days. There was no pain and I recovered fully after a week. I should add that the price was a fraction of the cost I would have paid in the UK."

Beatrice S., USA
SkinTyte skin tightening
October 2011

"This was my second visit for SkinTyte on my face - I was very pleased both times with the process and the staff and the doctors office. I am most pleased with the staff of Meditours and all the help they give."

Noelene H., Switzerland
Profractional XC, BBl, MLP and PDL Facial Rejuvenation

"I would certainly return using these medical services because it's less complicated, more efficient and more transparent than those in Switzerland. The doctor and clinic were very good and healing is going exactly as predicted"

B.K. Shepard,
May 2011

"I see improvement and feel good about it. I'm really excited in that the doctor told me the treatment actually continues to work to show improvement up to 4-6 months. My staff have said that I look rested when I got back to work. I'm hoping they will soon ask what I did that makes me look even better then before."

Joan S., England
BBL Laser Skin Rejuvenation
July 2010

"I enjoyed the trip and can't believe how well I am looking after the Profractional - BBL face treatment. My brown age spots have nearly disappeared, and my face looks younger, brighter and fresher with no down time... it was all well worth it, and without being obvious (as with a face lift) I do look much, much better. Many thanks for all your care and attention"

Fiona T., England
April 2011

"The dentist was brilliant, she was professional knowledgeable and friendly... I was able to explain my needs and was given options for the treatments available together with the cost of all the different treatments, so I had total control of what I would have done."

Yasser M., England
Tummy Tuck, Waist Liposuction
Dec 2011

"Meditours are professional and excellent from. From the moment I landed to my departure, they were there every step of the way. My surgery went very smoothly, with everyone being very professional and caring"

Rita H., England

"I have no hesitation in recommending Budapest for surgery, you will be treated very well by everyone there. The Meditours team are only too willing to pander to your every whim and the clinic is clean, efficient and - most of all - friendly."

Sue, Ireland

"All great thanks Meditours, I see a difference and very little swelling, I am delighted and look so fresh everyone has mentioned how fresh I look ... I feel great now that I look ten years younger. I can only say that I will be back it was so worth it. All the best and thank you to and your team for taking care of me as I got a little nervous just after the op."