Our Patient Stories - Troy M., USA

"I haven’t smiled as much as I do now in my life! "

Considering having dental work done in Budapest but don't know what to expect?
Take a look at our short interview and hear what Troy, a professional basketball player, has to say about his dental treatment in Budapest.

Where did you hear about Meditours Hungary?

I heard about Medi Tours from Dr Randy Simor and the online website for dental work in Hungary.

Did you have a consultation and price quote in the US beforehand, if so was there much difference between the US price and the price you paid with Meditours Hungary?

When in the US, I've frequently been to the dentist and inquired about veneer prices and the possibility for other work to be done. But strayed away from it because the price was so steep. Here in Hungary, the prices of dental work are around 4 times cheaper than back home in the States!

It was an opportunity I could NOT pass up!

PLUS, when going into the visits here in Hungary, they were very professional and did exactly what they said they would! Got 6 veneers on my top teeth and a crown to fix a crooked tooth. I haven’t smiled as much as I do now in my whole life!

How was the experience, was there anything that particularly stood out? (either positive or negative)

What stood out was how friendly the staff were. They could all speak English and made me feel very comfortable during my visits.

Would you recommend dental treatment with us to other people?

I would 100% recommend dental treatment to every person I know that needs or wants it. I have actually talked to my team mates over here and they are now getting work donejust like I did! 1-10 of how pleased I am, I would say a 10-10. Awesome work and great prices. Couldn’t have asked for better work!

Thank you Troy for choosing Meditours Hungary!

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