For most people, one of the most concerning aspects of traveling abroad for treatment is being on your own and not having proper post-operative care. Albeit, with most cosmetic surgery, there is very little need for longer medical observation, thus you may only stay in the clinic for a few hours after treatment or, with general anesthesia, 1 night. In either case, after discharge, you'll return to your place of accommodation for the remainder of your trip and have a final check up before you depart for home - about a week later.

But, what happens in between these two times is also important and that's why Meditours Hungary is the first and only agent company providing it's own private, self-catering accommodation with post-operative nursing care. Our English speaking nurses are highly trained and experienced in plastic surgery. Your visits are organized daily, immediately after discharge, and according to your needs and convenience. On each visit, the nurse will check your temperature, blood pressure, bandages and scars to ensure you're overall healing process is going well.

Choosing Meditours means knowing that you'll really be looked after each step of the way.