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30 October, 2015

Dear ,

Soon the festive season will be well and truly upon us.

While it only seems like yesterday that we launched our 10 Year Anniversary Special Offer Promotion to celebrate the establishment of Meditours, just as this year will soon be over, so will this great promotion!

So far lots of people just like you have already taken advantage of our money saving special offers and are now enjoying the benefits of looking great and feeling more youthful.

But time really is running out so you'll need to ACT NOW if you want to take advantage of the following special offers:

1) Super Two Day Skin Rejuvenation Package

Would you like super looking skin for Christmas?

This fabulous skin boosting offer gives you a WHOPPING 15% OFF the prices you would normally pay if you were having the treatments done separately.

The offer includes two package options to choose from (both targeting different areas and issues of the face and neck region).

Click here to read more.

2) ‘Almond Eyes’ Special Offer

How about more alluring, attractive and sexy eyes for Christmas?

Canthopexy is a lower eyelid procedure which can be used to:
  • Give the eyes a more alluring ‘almond like’ shape to make them look more captivating, attractive and feminine.
  • Eliminate the tired appearance of the eyes by tightening and elevating the lower eyelids.
  • Restore the original youthful shape of the eyes and thus enhance their overall appearance.

We are currently offering this fantastic new procedure at a 20% discount to the normal price of €1000. This means you will pay just €800!!!

Click here to read more.

3) Natural Alternative to a Facelift (HIFU) PLUS FREE NECK TREATMENT

Who wouldn’t like to slow down the effects of ageing and gain a more youthful appearance?

With HIFU you can achieve this without the need for invasive surgery.

HIFU is an effective skin rejuvenation technique used to stimulate and renew the skin’s collagen. It can provide you with a more youthful appearance and be used for skin tightening, lifting and firming without the need for surgery.

We are currently offering a HIFU full facial treatment for just €1,670 representing a hefty 20% price reduction on what you would usually pay (the normal price is €2,016). But it doesn't stop there, when you elect for this treatment you will get a whole neck treatment added for FREE!

Click here to read more.

4) Breast Enlargement Special Offer

Would you like bigger, shapelier breasts?

Our Breast Enlargement Special Offer not only provides unbeatable value for money at just €2,999, but for the first time ever we are also able to include an innovative special feature for your added benefit and peace of mind.

Click here to read more.

5) Face Rejuvenation Package (Face, Neck and FREE Upper Eyelid Lift)

Would you like to roll back the years and start afresh with great looking skin? We have just the solution! We are currently offering a special face rejuvenation package which includes a full face and neck lift for only €2700.

But that’s not all! With this exceptional package we are also offering a FREE upper eyelid lift or upper blepharoplasty.

Click here to read more.

6) Brow Lift and Upper Eyes Special Offer

Did you know that sagging eyelids combined with low or furrowed brows can give the face a slightly brooding look. What’s more, as you age your eyebrows can start to descend and the skin around the eyelids sag or droop.

Nobody wants to look like Scrooge for Christmas!

Fortunately we can help! We are offering a SERDEV scar free Brow Lift PLUS Upper Eyelid Surgery combined ALL for just €999!!

Click here to read more.


Exclusive Surgery Insurance Now Available for Even More Peace of Mind

In addition to these exclusive money saving special offers, we can now also provide access to valuable surgery insurance.

Click here to read more.

Don’t delay!

Contact us NOW to take advantage of our fabulous money saving special offers and start looking your best and feeling great!

With best wishes from the Meditours Hungary team.
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Tel: Hungary +361 787 5564
E-mail: [email protected]
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