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30 September, 2015

Dear ,

Have you ever wondered why some people are blessed with captivating and beautiful almond shaped eyes? Well, the truth is that it's mostly down to genetics, and until now, just plain old good luck.

What's more, up until relatively recently procedures to make eyes look more alluring, attractive and sexy were only affordable for the privileged few.

But now, thanks to the advancement of modern medicine, your eyes can also have that subtle special magic quality and be more visually pleasing without having to spend a fortune.

As you may know, this year Meditours Hungary is celebrating its 10th anniversary since its establishment. During this time we have helped thousands of patients obtain the body and looks of their dreams. As part of our Special 10 Year Anniversary Offers we are pleased to be able to add Canthopexy to our already comprehensive range of treatments and state of the art procedures.

Canthopexy is a lower eyelid procedure which can be used to:
  • Give the eyes a more alluring ‘almond like’ shape to make them look more captivating, attractive and feminine.
  • Eliminate the tired appearance of the eyes by tightening and elevating the lower eyelids
  • Restore the original youthful shape of the eyes and thus enhance the overall appearance

We are offering you this fantastic new procedure at a 20% discount to the normal price of €1000.

This means you will pay just €800!!!

Read more about Canthopexy here.

Contact us NOW to take advantage this great money saving special offer.

With best wishes from the Meditours Hungary team.
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