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25 March, 2016

Dear ,

Spring may only just be upon us, but make no doubt about it...the summer will be here quicker than you can blink.

And you know what this means.

Yep! It's beach body time.

And that can be a BIG worry for some people, especially those with impossible to shift back fat!

Unfortunately for some, even exercising and diet doesn’t help. Just a small amount of fat in the wrong place can result in what is commonly referred to as a 'muffin top'.

If you are one of these people then we have some GREAT NEWS. With our special liposuction deal now you can get your best summer body ever.

Removing stubborn excess fat from the lower back on each side can work wonders to sculpt your body and make you look more feminine, shapely and desirable.

We can do this for just €800 Euro!

What's more, with PAL (Power Assisted Liposuction) the healing time is fast! In just 5 to 10 days all signs of any bruising will be gone.

This means that if you book your treatment now, a beautiful beach body could be yours in time for summer.

No more wrapping yourself up in an over sized beach towel to hide the wobbly bits or worrying about unsightly back fat.

Instead you will be flaunting the hot bikini body you have always dreamed of having!

With best wishes from Dr. Randy Simor and the Meditours Hungary team.
Dr. Randy Simor and the Meditours Hungary team
Tel: Hungary +361 787 5564
E-mail: [email protected]
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