If you were ever wondering where best to go in Budapest for a pleasant city stroll with some great views and plenty of entertainment to boot, Elizabeth Square (Erzsébet Tér) should be one of the top destinations on your list.

In fact, if you are on a tourist bus, or just near Ferenc Deak Square, you will probably find yourself very close by to this lovely open green space anyway.

The first building you will most likely come across on the square is simply named 'Terminal' (and for good reason); it was originally a coach station terminus!

Nowadays it is home to a restaurant bar, and alongside it the Fröccs Terrace – a vibrant venue especially in the hot summer evenings.

Fröccs itself is a popular refreshing summer drink of wine and soda water (not too dissimilar to a classic 'white wine spritzer' - although fröccs can be made with rosé wine too!).

Naturally, there are varying measures of strength and methods of making it depending on your tastes. As the name suggests, the bar offers every type of fröccs imaginable. The entertainment here starts early afternoon and lasts right through to the early hours of the morning in the summer months, often with DJ's and other live outdoor events.

Another venue you shouldn't miss is the Aquarium (Akvárium) which you can recognize by the set of steps leading you down underground. Incredibly enough, this venue was built in the construction pit left over when the plans to build a National Theatre here were abandoned.

There are many cool and lively events held here all year round.

In the summer, the roof of the aquarium, which is also a stylish water feature, is a great place to chill out, dip your feet and sip cold drinks with warm friends.

Many big acts have played here including the talented British artist George Ezra, appropriately famous for his catchy hit song ’Budapest’.

But perhaps the most famous person for whom the square is now remembered (excluding its namesake) is Michael Jackson who was a regular visitor to the 5 star luxury Kempinski Hotel Corvinus which overlooks the park.

The Prince of Pop stayed here three times in the same suite overlooking the square, and when he did fans would gather outside waiting for a glimpse of the music legend.

Sometimes if they were lucky he would come out on to the balcony and wave and send messages to them.

For this reason, directly opposite the hotel in the park you will find a tree which is dedicated to his memory. Fans flock here to pay their respects and leave mementos, photos and candles.

As with most European cities, Elizabeth Square also has its very own ’love locks’. The Love Lock Tree in Elizabeth Square has a frame around it which allows couples to display their affection and undying love by adding a padlock with their names inscribed upon it.

This is quite apt seeing as the square is named after Elizabeth, (or 'Sisi' as she was more fondly known) the beautiful and legendary wife of Hapsburg Emperor Franz Joseph.

Sisi showed great affection for Hungary and its people, it was a place she loved deeply, and in return was greatly adored and admired by Hungarians.

So it seems that two huge icons who were worshipped by many are both commemorated together in this lovely little park in Budapest.

Is that a coincidence?

Why not visit and find out for yourself.


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