Dysgnathia is the term commonly used for jaw deformities and the surgical interventions which correct malformations or misalignment of the jaw, chin and bite.

The key objective is to cosmetically enhance appearance as well as optimise functionality.

Although these surgeries are relatively major, for those who suffer with issues in the chin and jaw area, this type of surgery can be totally life changing.

There are multiple types of dysgnathia surgery which can be performed and include:

1. Upper Jaw (Maxillary Osteotomy)

This surgery helps with significantly receded upper jaw, cross bite, too much or too little of the teeth showing, and open bite (excess bone growth above the molars).

2. Lower Jaw (Mandibula Osteotomy)

This can help with a significantly receded lower jaw.

3. Chin Surgery (Mentum Plasty)

This provides augmentation or reduction of the chin bone.

The visible benefits for patients electing this type of surgery are immediately apparent with significant improvements in facial symmetry.

But the benefits don't just stop with looking better.

This surgery can also have an affect on genuine health disorders such as sleep apnea and snoring, and in some cases functional issues which can be painful or uncomfortable such as chewing, swallowing and even speech.

In short, misalignment of the jaw can be a very painful condition and corrective surgical intervention can potentially change someone’s life for the better.

Note:- Depending on the procedure performed there may be a requirement for temporary dental braces and/or elastics.

Jaw surgery involves the jaw being moved to the optimum position and then being held in place with titanium plates and screws. It is usually performed inside the mouth so there is no facial scarring. Recovery periods can vary between patients and are dependent upon variable factors such as age, state of health, the specific procedure as well as the body's natural healing ability.

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