These days, it used to be that the workplace was based upon the battle over the sexes. Women strived for the right to compete with men over job equality. Now in this fast-paced world of hyper-dynamic style, men are now taking the lead with drastic steps toward being top-notch candidates that women have been known for years. It's all about looking good! Find out more how men are getting that competative edge.

Todays workplace industry is not just based upon just the skill involved. Image is now playing a key part in the role for getting the perfect job. While it's not so common for men to take the visual approach to having perfect skin, the newest developements for looking more youthful are quickly getting serious attention from none other than men! Potential jobs that may have a negative outlook due to appearance can take away the chances for those who don't have the youthful look or otherwise skin-related problems or even alcohol and substance abuses. Companies typically like to see their employees looking healthy. For one example: Rosacea, the condition where small red veins on the face appear. This is not a serious condition, but portential employers may feel that veins around a man's nose is a sign of alcohol abuse and they might be passed-up for a more healthier looking candidate. New York Dermatologist Adam Geyer, has seen a 20% rise just in cosmetic related vein treatment. In his last two years this jump of cosmetic attention is now as he calls: ˝a massive upswing˝.
There is also a growing demand for younger, more youthful looking skin. As seen with skin peels for celeb-types, these procedures are also getting more and more popular. A Los Angeles-based dermatology center has seen an amazing jump in chemical peels for tighter and cleaner looking skin. Dr. Jessica Wu states: ˝In my practice in the past five years, I have seen the increase of men having peels of around 50%˝. Many men are starting to find that their options for job placement matter with looking 10 years younger or more. Though these methods aren't new, the technology is making it into more of a social call that men are using to their advantage.

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