With Brexit now a looming reality some people may be wondering what effect this will have on them travelling abroad from the UK for dental and medical treatments.

This article seeks to address some of the issues which may be of a concern for people seeking medical treatment abroad in Hungary.


A lot of people are still struggling financially from the big global financial collapse in 2008 and the subsequent slow economic recovery ever since.

This on top of the uncertain future that Brexit created has only made people even more reluctant to spending their savings and this includes investing in themselves, their well-being and their holidays abroad.

However the following points should be borne in mind:
  1. Dental treatment and cosmetic surgery in Hungary is still remarkably great value for money. Much cheaper in fact than having comparable surgery or treatment in the UK (or most of the rest of Western Europe for that matter). In fact, if you can find similar world class surgery in France, Germany, Switzerland or Austria at the prices we deliver then we will be extremely surprised to say the least!
  2. Health and well-being are among the most important things you can have. Investing in how you look has an immediate effect on your well-being and how you feel about yourself, and this almost always has a positive knock on effect on your health and even fitness. As for dental treatment, not only can it immediately improve your day to day life experiences such as eating, talking and breathing, but improved oral health can and statistically speaking will also extend your life expectancy!
  3. Budapest is one of the most beautiful and safe cities in Europe. It has stunning architecture, tourist attractions and one of the best night life’s imaginable. Plus it's fabulously good value, so you can combine your treatment with a stay here to recuperate and discover one of the biggest and best gems in the whole of Europe (and incredibly might still save money!).


Whilst it is true that the Hungarian language is one of the most difficult languages in Europe (and maybe even in the world) for English speakers to learn, the good news is that in Budapest English is widely spoken.

The even better news is that at Medi Tours we pride ourselves on working with surgeons and clinical staff who speak excellent English, and quite often another foreign language on top of that as well!

So whatever excuse you might have for not coming to Budapest to make yourself look more attractive and have healthier better looking teeth, language concerns definitely shouldn’t be one of them!


Curiously, despite being in the very heart of Europe, Hungary is, like Great Britain, a bit of an island. Let me explain. Hungary although land locked is surrounded by seven countries who have very different languages and to some extent cultures and history. In fact Hungarians have only been in Europe for about a thousand years – which if you think about it isn’t that long! But the good news is that when it comes to hospitality, friendliness and being a great host they are almost unbeatable. So if you are worried about not being warmly greeted and viewed with Eurosceptism, then worry no longer!


You might think that situated near Austria and the Alps, and not too far from Eastern European countries (and even Russia) that the weather might be a little on the chilly Siberian side all year around and maybe even worse than rainy old Blighty so you may as well stay at home!

Well again you couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure the winters can be chilly, there’s no getting around that, but the spring, summer and autumns are absolutely fabulous. So if you are looking to top up your tan as well as having a bit of a nip and tuck then again this place has it all! The best months to visit for warm sunny weather are generally from May to September, but the other months still have their attractive qualities.


So no matter what happens in the UK with regards to leaving the EU, Hungary is still in the European Union and gladly welcomes people in from all over the world. Especially visitors from Britain!

Budapest is still going to be easy to get to, friendly, great value, have some of the very best surgical/dental facilities and surgeons in the whole of Europe, if not the world.

We look forward to welcoming you here soon.