Budapest is famous for its thermal spas.

As well as being good for your health they are fabulous places to relax, unwind, meet people and be sociable. So it’s not surprising people have been coming here for centuries to enjoy them. But which ones are the best?

If you come to Budapest and only have time to visit a few of them then we think there are three that really stand out above the crowd.


The Gellért Baths form part of the famous Gellért Hotel in Buda and the pool is one of the best examples of Art Nouveau architecture in Europe. With its 2000 year old medicinal springs, a visit to this amazing spa is high on the ’must see’ list of anyone’s travel agenda.

The Gellért Baths is a superb choice if you want to go somewhere to truly relax in splendour and emerge with both your body and soul feeling energised. With its stunning marble columns and water spitting lions, it is unlikely you will ever experience a spa like this again.

As well as the main indoor and outdoor pools there are two Turkish style single sex thermal baths. You will also have access to a large range of medicinal spa treatments and therapeutic massages.

Trust us this place is awesome!


Széchenyi Thermal Baths is one of the largest spa complexes in Europe boasting an amazing 15 indoor pools, 3 outdoor pools and 10 sauna and steam chambers!

Set in the glorious City Park it was the first thermal bath built in Pest.

The original hot spring was discovered by accident by Vilmos Zsigmondy in 1881. At first it was turned into just a basic ‘artesian bath’ (like a kind of stone well), but was later completely rebuilt in 1913 in accordance with designs made by the gifted architect Gyozo Czigler.

It opened to the public in 1927 and since then there has been further expansion along with the establishment of an outpatient hospital and a physiotherapy department.

The 3 outdoor pools include a swimming pool and the baths are of different temperatures ranging from 27-38°C making them a great place to visit in any weather. Plus there are often night time pool party events held at the weekends, making this an even better venue to visit for fun and relaxation.

On top of all that the waters are considered effective for treating a range of ailments from gynaecological and dermatological problems to nervous and digestive disorders. So whether you are looking for relief from an ailment or just taking a dip as part of a fun and relaxing break; Széchenyi offers a delightful experience for all.


This amazing bathhouse, established in the 16th century and constructed out of beautiful red marble, is considered to be the finest Turkish baths in the whole of Budapest. And for good reason!

In fact visiting this wonderful medieval spa is just like stepping back in time to the sumptuous Turkish baths built by the Ottomans over 400 years ago.

The central part includes an octagonal pool covered by a Turkish dome and the bathhouse includes 5 other smaller pools, 3 saunas and 2 steam rooms. There is also a therapeutic swimming facility.

In addition to an outpatient hospital and physiotherapy section, it also has a drinking hall offering different cures from three separate water springs which contain minerals known to be good for the well-being of rheumatic patients.

It also has special late night opening hours at the weekends for those midnight owls among us, and is the only thermal bath in Budapest which has men only and women only days during the week.

So, there is one thing you are certain to have if you visit The Rudas Baths, and that is a fabulous memorable and truly unique spa experience!


Did you know that Budapest is one of the top destinations for medical tourism?

This is because Budapest has extremely high standards, a sustained reputation for clinical excellence, state of the art medical technology and very affordable prices.

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