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Protruding ears can make some people feel very self-conscious. If you are one of them you will know exactly what it's like. You may have even tried to conceal it by adopting an unflattering or unfashionable hairstyle you don't even want.

The good news is that protruding or large ears are actually quite common and can be fairly easily rectified by a simple procedure called otoplasty.


Otoplasty is an extremely effective and quick procedure to correct protruding or excessively large ears.

The term itself refers to the shaping of the outer ear (known as the ‘pinna’). It can be performed as either re-constructive or cosmetic surgery and helps by reshaping and improving the appearance of the ears.

It is a relatively common procedure which is sometimes simply referred to as ‘ear pinning’.This is because one of the key techniques used that falls under the term ‘otoplasty’ actually pins back protruding ears.

Otoplasty can also be performed to:
  • Reduce or increase the size of ears
  • Correct stretched earlobes
  • Correct other issues such as ‘cauliflower ears’ common to boxers and rugby players

There are generally three main methods of otoplasty which include ear augmentation, pinning back the ear, or ear reduction. You can find more details at the link here.


It can be especially beneficial for children over the age of five as it can mitigate the risk of any potential bullying or ridicule as well as result in a significant improvement in self-confidence.

A study entitled 'The benefits of otoplasty for children: further evidence to satisfy the modern NHS'. reported a 97% increase in happiness in children who underwent otoplasty. What's more; “92% reported an increase in self-confidence; 79% noted improved social experience; 100% reported bullying reduced or stopped”.

While otoplasty is most commonly performed in children over the age of five (as soon as the ears are fully formed), it can generally be performed at any age into adulthood.
Furthermore, as any incision is made behind the ear, it conceals any slight scarring which may occur.

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