Medical tourism isn’t a new thing. People have been experiencing the positive benefits of seeking healthcare abroad for many years now, in fact as far back as ancient times travelling to another country for healthcare was not uncommon at all, and with today's better and faster transport its modern day popularity is rapidly on the increase.

With healthcare cover in the US becoming ever more expensive and contentious, and with the economically driven NHS cutbacks in the UK, it's no wonder that individuals and employers alike are seeking medical treatment abroad. In some cases even throwing in a well deserved city break to boot.

This is particularly the case with people travelling to popular cities such as Budapest which was recently voted by Conde Nest Traveller as one of the top 25 cities in the world.

However, medical tourism is not just for the 'mommie makeover' market or about getting a new set of dentures on your long city weekend break. Employees and employers in the US are beginning to feel the impact of new healthcare insurance regulations, and some companies are now struggling with their healthcare package obligations. A natural extension of this trend means that these companies are now looking to domestic and overseas medical tourism to provide the answer to their misfortunes.

But what benefits does medical tourism provide and what types of treatment can you get abroad?

The primary reason for medical tourism, or 'medical travel', is to save money by benefiting from treatment in jurisdictions which provide the same or better standards of treatment and after-care, but for much lower prices.
Budapest is one such jurisdiction which has extremely high standards, a sustained reputation for clinical excellence, state of the art medical technology and very affordable prices. On top of that the city is very beautiful and the majority of the people speak a high standard of English.

The types of treatments on offer are vast and range from dental procedures and cosmetic surgery, to reproduction and infertility treatments. Plus big financial savings can be made even when taking into account the added cost of accommodation and travel.

Fortunately Meditours Hungary provides high-end private self-catering accommodation as well as post operative follow up services alongside airport private transport and expert patient escort services.
One factor sometimes overlooked when travelling overseas is to make sure that on returning home, in the unlikely event of a complication you are adequately covered. Once more Meditours Hungary is on the ball and has identified this contingency and offers patients access to valuable but affordable insurance for cosmetic surgery carried out abroad.

If you are you interested in exploring the opportunity of saving money and having a procedure carried out while staying at one of our modern apartments in the centre of beautiful Budapest, then get in touch today.