In light of the recent concerns over the PIP implants, Meditours Hungary has a solution that can ease the worry over possible ruptures and health issues that have been associated with defective PIP implants.

In spite of all the time and money spent for surgery, the first step with breast implant surgery is knowing that the company that produces the implant itself is the safest one and of top quality material.

With fear and rising possible health concerns surfacing about faulty PIP implants, many countries' Health Ministers have been calling for the immediate inspection or total replacement of these faulted implants. Although there are yet no proven health risks, it's still a good idea to have continuous health checks each year. Replacing the 'old' implants with new ones is something to be discussed thoroughly with your plastic surgery and home doctor and if there is any suspicion of a health problem or concern related to the implants, they should be removed immediately and/or replaced.

Meditours Hungary, realizing the need and urgency for replacing PIP implants is now offering special, discounts for some of the highest quality, medically-approved, silicone gel implants from the world's top manufacturers such as Natrelle, Allergan, Silimed and more.