Breast augmentation remains one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures. Many women who feel unhappy with the shape and size of their breasts undergo this popular treatment and achieve fabulous results.

If you are considering breast augmentation, or have already decided you would like to have it, or just want to learn more about the choices available, then this article has been written with you in mind.

Once you have decided that breast augmentation is right for you, there are some further things you need to take into account to ensure you get the best possible outcome and this involves choosing the right implant.

Thankfully this decision is made easier nowadays due to the wide choice of high quality implants available.

The three main key factors you need to take into account are as follows:
  • Type of implant
  • Quality
  • Size and profile


There are two types of implant available; saline or silicon gel implants. The main difference between them is their filling. Both methods use silicone shells as the implant vessels which are very resilient. Saline implants are filled with a sterile salt water solution and the silicone shells are inserted into place when they are empty. Once they are in place they are filled with the salt water solution until the breasts reach their required size. Saline implants are not compressible once in place and therefore provide a firmer feeling breast. Silicone gel implants on the other hand are pre-filled with high-density gel before they are inserted. The gel has a thick consistency which can provide a more natural appearance which some people believe mimics the feel of human fat. Because a women’s breast tissue continues to develop into her early 20’s, silicone implants for cosmetic purposes are generally recommended for women who are 22 years of age or over. Saline implants are available for women over the age of 18 when used for cosmetic purposes. Nowadays the vast majority of implants have a silicone fill.

Modern silicon implants are extremely safe and give a more natural look and feel, hence why so many surgeons prefer to use silicon to achieve the best outcome for their clients.

Note: Another option for breast augmentation which a lot of people are not aware of is fat transfer. There are two procedures involved in this surgery; harvesting and placement. The first involves removing the fat from the donor area by liposuction. The second part of the procedure involves injecting the fat into the breasts which is performed in small increments to ensure the best outcome. However, this method is not right for everyone and for it to be really successful you need to be the right body shape and have the required fat deposits on your body. Your consultant can discuss all this with you.


Fortunately at Medi Tours Hungary we only work with surgeons who offer the highest quality CE certified implants by leading brands such as Allergen and Polytech. Both are industry leaders at the forefront of implant design, technology and safety.

These manufacturers are leaders in their field thus meeting the highest quality safety standards to ensure you get the best outcome.


Despite what you might read about in the press with regard to celebrities who appear to go from a small size to a large size 'overnight', for the most part, it is simply not possible to go from a very small size cup to an extremely large size in one sitting. In fact, for most people this is just not possible at all and depends on your individual anatomy. Some bodies simply cannot sustain every size of implant and a surgeon will do what is in the best interests of the patient from a safety point of view to ensure a long term successful outcome.

When implants are too big there is an increased risk of nerve damage which can lead to the requirement for revision surgery because the implant ends up being mal-positioned as the breast tissue cannot adequately support it.

The actual dimensions of the shell that hold the content also play an important role. There are several different profiles to choose from which range from low profile to extra high profile. Profiles allow you to choose between a more rounded natural look to one with increasing degrees of projection.

For example, low profile implants are the widest so suited for women with a wider frame who would prefer more cleavage.

High profile implants on the other hand suit smaller frames as they have a narrower base, but project outward more, giving more of a dramatic curve.

The type of implant which is best suited to you will depend on your body type and the look you want.

So the choice of implant will also depend on volume and profile, and this will determine the look and size of the outcome, i.e. natural, augmented etc.

With the above in mind, now we have kept you abreast of the situation, you should be in a much better position to make an informed choice to achieve the best results for your needs.

For more information about implants or to speak with a consultant about breast augmentation surgery, contact us today. We will be happy to provide you with the information you are looking for.