It shouldn’t come as a big surprise that there are a selection of different breast implants available on the market. They come in all sorts of combinations of different sizes, shapes, textures and material to suit an individual’s needs, resources and tastes.

That is why choosing one can be quite a challenge, and why it is so important that you do your research and discuss the matter with a qualified professional to help navigate you through the selection process and make sure your choice is right for you in every way.

But to help give you a brief over view of what is available, here is an easy breakdown of the two top types of implants and why people might choose them.


The saline implant is basically a small bag filled with salt water. It has a tough outer shell, made of silicone, that the surgeon inserts into the patients chest while it is empty. It is then positioned correctly and filled with the appropriate volume of saline solution for the procedure.

There are a variety of different sizes and shapes. The one you choose depends on your personal tastes and body shape.

These type of breast implants generally feel firmer and are slightly more ‘bouncy’ than the other types available.

One of the advantages of saline implants is that should an implant rupture or leak, the solution is absorbed by the body without too much risk.


Silicone implants also have an outer shell, but contain silicone gel rather than an inert saline solution. They come pre-shaped and are inserted fully formed into the patients breast area. For this reason they usually require a larger incision than that needed for a saline implant.

However, they do tend to feel and look more natural than their saline counterpart, which is generally seen as an advantage. Also, nowadays because the gel has a thicker consistency, it means the silicone does not quickly travel throughout the body should the implant leak.

At Medi Tours Hungary we use a highly cohesive semi-solid silicone gel.

The advantage of this type of implant is that they look and feel the most natural. They are also the most versatile and easy to customise for the patient’s requirements. The downside is that they may, over time, harden and require replacing.


Deciding on which of these implants is best for you is a big decision. Naturally, we always encourage you to have a full professional consultation so you have all the information you need to make the right choice for your body, personal goals and well-being.

But whatever decision you end up making, all good breast implants can and do make a tremendous difference. At Medi Tours Hungary we can help guide you through the whole process from start to finish and make sure that you get the best possible treatment, after-care and price.