Speaking on BBC Radio, Lincolnshire with Melvyn Prior, Joanne Allen, from Ingham, answers up to questions about the risks and finances associated with having plastic surgery. Joanne underwent her first surgery for tummy liposuction in the UK more than 12 years ago after giving birth to her son. Although the results were good, she felt that the only way to get back her 17 year's old tummy again was to have a tummy tuck surgery. But with the surgery cost coming in at ₤9,000, it was way over her budget. Joanne had to find an alternative solution and that solution was Meditours Hungary, a facilitator company organizing treatment trips from the UK and Europe to Hungary's capital city, Budapest. With Meditours, Joanne was quoted only ₤2,000 for the same tummy tuck surgery and this included the cost of her accommodation as well.

It's been a few years now since Joanne first came to Hungary for surgery and now she says she addicted to plastic surgery. She's been back several times since for other surgeries such as breast lift/reduction surgery and additional liposuction. Needless to say, Joanne has only paid a fraction of what it would have cost her if she had done these surgeries at home. When asked about the risks of going abroad for surgery, Joanne tells how amazed she was with the quality of the surgeons, clinics and aftercare in Hungary and how the experience she had was even better than in the UK. When comparing to the UK, she said Meditours Hungary surgeons were less pushy and only undertake what they feel will get you the best results.

If you want to know more about what's up with Joanne Allen, she's coming out to Hungary again in February for a second breast reduction, face lift and more liposuction for which she was quoted ₤27,000 at home and only ₤4,000 here in Hungary. Melvyn Prior has invited her back to the studio at a later date to talk about her latest experience. We will publish this second interview as soon as we know the date...