Nowadays cosmetic surgery and anti-aging treatments for men have become increasingly common place and the numbers of men undergoing procedures are on the rise. The taboo of men undergoing surgery for cosmetic reasons has gone and today anti-ageing medicine can be successfully applied to both genders. Some young men in their early 20s now spend as much time on their looks as their female counterparts. But the popularity for cosmetic procedures is not just restricted to younger men; men of all ages are now seeking cosmetic treatments to improve their looks, slow down the signs of aging and provide them with healthy looking skin and sculptured physiques.

Men have realised that good looks can give them a competitive edge at work, especially in some professions where image plays an important part in their success. A popular procedure is eyelid surgery which can make men look less tired, more energetic and youthful looking.

Eyelid surgery is now often referred to as ’executive surgery’ as it is often sought by men who want to compete with younger men in the working environment who don’t have bags under their eyes and therefore look more dynamic. Young men are just as keen to erase the signs of fatigue too so that their social life does not show on their face when they are at work. Treatments for healthy looking skin are sought by men of all ages. The most popular cosmetic surgeries for men range from laser hair removal, dermal fillers, liposuction, rhinoplasty (nose jobs), eyelid surgery, gynecomastia (removal of excess breast tissue) and ear reshaping. Laser hair removal can involve anything from the removal of back hair to reshaping the beard. More mature men tend to focus on nose and ear hair removal. Botox and dermal fillers are often used for unpleasant facial expressions such as anxiety as well as improving tired looks. These treatments are popular with men as they are usually quick with little to no downtime.

Dermal fillers around periorbital circles or treatment of the dark circles under the eyes are also popular treatments along with the treatment of Rosacea.
Men and women tend to have differing needs when it comes to improving their looks, men generally want to slow the signs of aging by looking less fatigued as well as appearing more attractive.

Of course men and women differ in their physiological make up; men tend to have a more prominent bone structure around the eye socket and chin, their muscle density is different and they have a thicker epidermis. This along with bigger sebaceous glands and the presence of the hormone testosterone all play a part when considering appropriate treatments.

Men’s motivations for undergoing aesthetic treatments can also be different to their female counterparts. Men’s motivations for improving their looks can be linked to a fear of age, a desire for power, sexual intimacy and prestige as well as wanting to feel good about themselves. Other reasons why men undergo cosmetic procedures is to look better for their partners or sometimes they seek to improve their looks if they are going through a difficult period, such as a divorce.

Whatever the reason, there is no doubt about it, whether it is improving facial features, obtaining a more youthful dynamic look, or undergoing liposuction for a more sculptured physique; cosmetic surgery for men is here to stay.