At Medi Tours Hungary it's no secret that we love staying fit and healthy. Not only does it keep us feeling great but also looking younger and of course staying more attractive and better looking.

There are lots of different ways of exercising but one we especially like is yoga.

This ancient Indian spiritual practice has so many incredible health and fitness benefits that they are almost too numerous to mention. But to summarise let us just say that it is a great way to become more supple, reduce stress, increase energy, improve posture, muscle tone and overall body strength.

Obviously there is a lot more to yoga than just simply doing the asanas i.e. poses that rebalance the body, so if you wish to incorporate it into your life we strongly suggest that you find a teacher or class that is right for your specific needs and abilities.

To get you started here are our 4 favourite beginner poses.


This pose which starts off from a neutral all-fours position on the ground might appear to be very easy, but it is actually a great pose to do to develop concentration and awareness. It is also a really good way of establishing a steady breathing rhythm, improves posture and strengthens and stretches the spine.

Start on your hands and knees making sure your knees are directly below your hips. As you exhale round your spine to the ceiling and let your head release toward the floor. As you inhale come back to the neutral starting position.


This standing pose reinforces our connection with the ground and is a great pose for stretching and strengthening your shoulders, arms, legs and back. Basically, if you learn to do it correctly it pretty much exercises all your muscles, and yes that includes core muscles and gives you a nice and tight pair of glutes!

There are a couple of variations to this pose, all of which can be found via a short search online.


This pose specifically stretches and strengthens the legs (ankle joints, hamstrings, groin muscles and calves), hips and torso. It also opens the chest and encourages deeper breathing. Plus it is really good for relieving stress and stimulating your internal abdominal organs.


This one is obviously named after a dog having a good stretch. As well as probably being our favourite yoga pose of all time, it is also great for your spine, hamstrings and of course your shoulders.


Always remember that although yoga is totally awesome it cannot always solve all your problems. So if you think that the quality of your life could be enhanced by making yourself look younger or more attractive via the help of some cosmetic surgery, then why not contact us and we can arrange for a completely free of charge consultation.

Until then, Namaste!

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