At Medi Tours Hungary not only do we love looking good, we also really love feeling great.

So along with keeping in shape, eating and drinking healthily and taking good care of ourselves we know that one of the best things we can do for our overall health and well-being is having regular massages.

For thousands of years and all across the world people have known the incredible healing and comforting power of massages.

In fact the benefits are simply too numerous to go into here, but suffice to say that they include not just physical, but emotional and possibly even spiritual!

Not surprisingly given how long and widely spread massages have been practised, there are many forms that exist.

At Medi Tours Hungary we have 3 personal favourites as follows:


Perhaps a little unexpectedly Swedish Massage is actually one of the newest kids on the block.

It was developed by a clever Swedish physiologist called Per Henrik Ling in the 1800’s and is essentially a combination of Chinese, Egyptian, Roman and Greek massage coupled with a light spattering of gymnastics!

Why we love it

It’s probably the most well known of all the full body massages. It is very safe, thorough and adaptable. Plus it works well on both the physical and psychological level.

With its characteristic long gliding strokes it is exceptionally good at relaxing the body, easing muscular pains and detoxifying the lymphatic system.


Although Indian Head Massage is part of the very ancient Ayurvedic healing system it is actually perfect for today’s busy lives.

It can be done quickly, is very effective and requires little equipment. Not only that but it can be relaxing, soothing or invigorating depending on what you require at the time!

Why we love it

As its focus is on the head and shoulder area of the body it can be done pretty much anywhere. Plus it is generally done sitting up with clothes on, is relatively quick and can be performed with or without oils.


Unlike Swedish Massage or Indian Head Massage the focus of Reflexology is specifically the feet (although in theory it can be done on the hands or even ears).

Specific points on the feet correspond to different parts of the body so it works on holistic principles.

Treatments normally last about one hour and it is done with the recipient sitting comfortably with bare feet propped up on a stool of some sort with the therapist working on one foot at a time.

Why we love it

Its aim is to put the receivers body in a state of equilibrium and balance so is considered by many to be a perfect treatment for health issues such as digestion or stress problems. Also, you do not need to remove your clothes, you just sit down, chill out and enjoy the process!


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