If you go almost anywhere and ask people what one thing they would like to most change about their body, regardless of sex, age or even the country you are in, they will more often than not tell you they would love to have a flatter stomach.

It's just one of those universal things!

So, if you are one of those people who wants a flatter tummy, we have some abs-olutely good news for you.

Here are our 3 simple and quick tips on how to get a flatter, leaner and better looking tummy.


Whether you like it or not, what and how we eat plays a massive role in determining the size and shape of our tummies. Luckily there are a few simple changes you can make that will make a big difference, and a major one is to cut out the sugar.

Basically the less sugar you consume, the lower your insulin level and the higher your glucagon hormone – which absolutely loves eating up all your wobbly tummy fat!

Of course we know that sugar comes in lots of different shapes, sizes and flavours, is found in absolutely everything from processed food, to fruit, alcohol and fizzy drinks so it is tough to try and eliminate it entirely.

But if you want a flatter tummy reducing your sugar levels is a great place to start.


Drinking water not only keeps you hydrated – which is super important for your tummy as it stops the body hoarding water (usually around the tummy area) - but also helps flush out nasty toxins, eliminate bloating, reduces your appetite and stops you from eating naughty snacks in between healthy meals because you are ‘feeling a bit peckish’!

So why not cut down on those fizzy sodas and the ‘bad for you’ booze and replace them all with the wonderful live sustaining aqua pura!


You didn’t think you were going to get away with 3 tips on getting a flatter stomach without having to do some exercise did you?

Don’t worry, this one is really not that hard and you can make it as long, short or as difficult as you want.

Plus you don’t need any special equipment, and as it is an isometric exercise you don’t even need to really move a whole lot – unless you want to!

There are tons of different variations of The Plank ranging from using your hands, forearms etc but the key thing is to keep your body straight and draw in your abs and tighten your glutes while you hold the plank in position.

Incidentally, as well as being a great tummy flattener, it is an excellent exercise for improving your core strength, hamstrings and even improves your balance – so keep that in mind as you struggle holding it for that extra 20 seconds!


Don’t forget that as good as diet and exercise are they cannot always perform miracles. Sometimes you need a little extra help.

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