It’s funny how we all instinctively know how great we feel after a really good night's sleep.

If we all know how good we feel why is it that we so often stay up later than we should, go to bed after eating or drinking too much and generally self sabotage the whole process from start to finish?

It's actually a good question, and one you may well ask yourself with even more interest after you have read these three additional great reasons why getting a good night's sleep is so important to your long term well-being.

Here are our top three reasons why we think you really need to start seriously investing in your sleep!


Failing to regularly get good quality sleep can actually result in you putting on weight.


It works in a number of different ways. Firstly when we sleep our body not only heals and repairs itself but produces hormones that regulate our appetite.

When we have disrupted sleep, these hormones get all out of kilter. When this happens more often than not it results in an over production of the hormone ghrelin that stimulates our appetite and an under production of the hormone leptin which suppresses it.

This rather unsurprisingly results in us waking up hungrier than we should!

On top of that, lack of sleep also slows down your metabolism and reduces your self control so when you finally arrive at work all tired and fuzzy headed and see that big milky latte and tray of tasty chocolate doughnuts you just cannot control yourself.


When we are tired we not only feel drained and exhausted but look it. Puffy eyed, pale and drawn out is rarely a winning look.

Plus, after a good night's sleep we are normally in a better mood, more full of energy and frankly more vibrant and better company.

The last fact can even be scientifically proven as there is clear evidence that after a good night's sleep we are physically better at recognising important social interaction clues, processing emotional information, and less likely to act either irrationally or thoughtlessly.

These all go together to making us seem more attractive as well as likeable.


Obviously after a good night's sleep we are more alert and able to maintain our attention for longer. That goes without saying. But it also seems that we are able to memorise things better, learn more quickly, problem solve better and be more creative!

This can partially be explained by looking at the two different stages of sleep; Non Rapid Eye Movement (NREM) and Rapid Eye Movement (REM) and their different influences on our cognitive processes.

NREM happens at the start of the sleep cycle and is when we encode and make sense of information and facts we have received during the day. During REM on the other hand we process procedural memories such as physical tasks, skills and mental processes. It is also when we do our subconscious problem solving and come up with creative ideas!

So if you fail to get enough of either of these types of sleep there is clearly going to be a price to pay.

In fact our advice is this. If you have a challenging test, presentation or difficult task ahead of you the next day, the best thing you can do is avoid staying up all night drinking energy drinks and coffee and trying to get prepared. What you really need to do is get a good night's sleep.


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