Did you know that a great way to lose weight fast and start getting that better body you always wanted is to boost your metabolism?

This is because by boosting your metabolism you burn more calories even when you are not exercising, and this means your body will start raiding its fat reserves and you will start shedding weight.

With this in mind here are our three top metabolism boosting tips:


Yes. That's right. You read correctly.

But do try and make it the high quality organic caffeinated type and of course, like everything in life, apply sensible moderation!

Incredibly enough, good coffee, as well as boosting your metabolism by up to 16% (according to some studies), also has some other really positive health and fitness benefits like improving endurance, pain control and reducing the risk of multiple chronic conditions.

So unless you are pregnant or allergic a good cup of coffee is generally worth taking the time to have at least once a day.


Not only does consuming more protein significantly help boost your metabolism, but it also helps build good strong muscle. So you get double the benefits!

When you eat more protein your body maintains a more stable blood sugar level. This in turn delivers you with a more constant stream of energy, and means you don’t get so hungry and are less likely to nibble those naughty high carb or sugary snacks.

Good sources of protein are things like seafood, cold water fish, lean beef, eggs and nuts. But there are plenty more great choices available, and of course always try if possible to find organic sources for all your food.


What could be a simpler way to boost your metabolism than turning down the heating? Plus you will even save money and help the environment!

The thing is that when we get cold our body automatically tries to make itself warm. It makes sense really. The good thing about this is that it means we burn off our stores of fat in the process and lose weight.

Believe it or not, reducing the temperature in your environment by only a few degrees can help burn over 100 more calories per day. If it is difficult to do during the daytime, then try at night in your bedroom as studies also show that it will probably also help you sleep better – which incredibly enough also helps improve your metabolism.


We hope our tips got you fired up to kick-start your efforts for getting fitter and looking better.

But as always, don’t forget that as good as improving your metabolism is for you, it cannot perform miracles.

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