The non-invasive way to a brighter smile.
A lumineer veneer is one of the easiest and safest ways to improve your teeth and get a beautiful, bright and sunny smile.

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There are better ways to improve the image of your teeth than having extensive dental work done with this non-invasive method to a brighter smile. Unlike traditional veneers, a Lumineer veneer is one of the easiest and safely-proven ways to upgrade a set of teeth without removing any tooth enamel. Teeth that are stained, mishaped, or unsightly can have Lumineers attached without danger to the actual teeth and can be easily reversed at any time. Lumineers are made from Cerinate porcelain which makes them stronger and longer lasting than traditional veneer porcelain. Through the hands of cosmetic dental speicalists, the result is an amazingly beautiful result that can last upwards of 20 years or more.


Despite all the press that Luminerrs have recieved over the years, too many bad results from dentists who aren't properly trained for crafting and attaching Lumineers have resulted in a backlash of fear over this unique cosmetic dental procedure. The first step in having Lumineers created is a consultation with your cosmetic dentist who will guide you through the process and advise the best route that can be taken. Since there is no need to remove enamel or alter a tooth surface for this kind of veneer a simple tooth impression is all that is needed for the initial process to begin. After color and shape are confirmed the final step is having the finished Lumineers test- fitted and then attached permanently directly to the patients teeth within an hour or more. Once again, the entire process can span up to 2 weeks depending on the number of teeth that lumineers are covering.


  1. If I have had previous dental veneers removed, can I still have Lumineers attached?
    In most cases when a patient has their original veneers removed due to chipping, color change or damage to the original material, it is possible to have a Lumineer placed onto the tooth. As long as the original tooth is in perfect health and not damaged from the tooth preparation due to the traditional sanding of Porcelain veneers, there is little that restricts having Lumineers replace your old Veneers.

  2. Is it true that Lunineers can replace orthodontic braces to fix my crooked teeth?
    It is true that Lumineers can be a perfect alternative to having braces provided the teeth are not outside the limit of extremely crooked or too misaligned, they can provide the perfect solution for gaps and teeth that are not esthetically pleasing. Consultation with your cosmetic dentist can allow the best solution for what can be arranged. This can also provide a faster alternative to a great smile without years of orthodontic hassle.

  3. Are there any disadvantages to having Lunineers?
    The largest portion of the work done when having Lumineers is matching the right colors and shades. Color control is the sole job of the cosmetic dentist who is preparing the Lumineers to be created. Also, if there are any problematic oral hygiene problems, they should be corrected and treated beforehand. Bleeding gums can interfere with the bonding process and create a stain line above the edge of the Lumineer if a patient has poor oral habits. There also can be receding gums due to poor care of the teeth which can reveal the line between the tooth and the Lumineer veneer.

  4. Do Lumineers need special cleaning, can they get discolored or stained?
    Just like your normal teeth, Lumineers don't need any special attention to be cleaned with anything different other than a low-abrasion tooth paste. Flossing and regular oral hygiene will insure the Lumineers will last longer this way. As recommended, a visit twice a year to your local dentist for a usual cleaning will also keep the Lumineers looking great. The material used in creating Lumineers does not stain easily but habits like too much coffee or dark red wine may cause staining over time. The cement that is used to attach the Lumineers is especially sensitive to staining. Keeping good oral hygiene will keep this staining to a minimum.

  5. Can Lumineers fall-off or have damage like veneers do?
    Your cosmetic dentist is specially trained to attach Lumineers. In the unlikely event that a Lumineer falls-off before a 2 month period, it may be due to fluids that were trapped between the tooth and the Lumineer veneer when the process of cementing was taking place. This is uncommon when professional cosmetic dentists are insuring a perfect bond between the tooth and the Lumineer. The material used in making Lumieers is strong, but no stronger than your own teeth. Care must taken to keep damage from happening. Chewing hard foods or candies, teeth grinding, nail biting or pen chewing are not good habits. Lumineers can also be damaged from accidents which can cause chipping or cracking.


Lumineers are crafted to fit directly over existing teeth. The thickness is no thicker than a contact lense and the process is not harmful to the teeth involved as there is no sanding or extensive preparation to a tooth surface in order to have Lumineers placed over your normal teeth. After an impression is taken (a special molded reproduction of your teeth), the shape of the new Lumineers are ready to be created of that cast copy. In the space of 7-10 working days a totally new set of teeth veneers made from the specialized Lumineer material created from Cerinate porcelain are returned to your cosmetic dentist directly from the dental lab. After a short test-fitting , the color and shape and fit should be ready for attachment. There is no need for anesthetic though the teeth surface will be readied to insure the new veneers are properly attached to your tooth surface. The final attachment takes no more than 2 hours in most cases.


Ideally, the best candidate is one who has good oral hygiene before Lumineer work can begin. Teeth that are in good health without decay and with reasonable condition must fit this level for optimum results to be achieved. While color can be correctly matched and created, damaged teeth needing extensive repair are not consided a suitable choice for Lumineers. Those who have relatively straight teeth already or are needing specific color changed. People looking to have their teeth appear straighter or have teeth gaps corrected, and even more asthetically pleasing are the best patients for Lumineers. Since these veneers are usually considered cosmetic improvement they must be treated as a cosmetic procedure like any other. Personal care should be taken to insure the work preformed will keep the Lumineers lasting for long time.